1. Happy Ever After 

    Happy Ever After 

    Life is a glass, and there is water in that glass. We have all heard that phrase before. Sometimes, the glass is half empty, sometimes it’s half full, but nevertheless, it’s all the same. It’s a glass cup, and there is water, waiting to be consumed. I’ve always been fascinated...

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  2. Will it Make or Break Me

    Will it Make or Break Me

      Cooper Clarke age 17   My mom dropped to the floor sobbing. My brother and sister who had tears covering their faces joined her. I just started at the computer screen, “Cessna 421C Golden Eagle N700EM, two occupants, two fatalities.” I could not believe he was gone. On November...

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  3. Fly True

    Fly True

    by Alex Clarke   11 months today. I was going through my son’s computer and I found this song that he wrote for his IB music class his senior year a few months after his dad’s death.   Because of the depth of feeling that he had for dad, he was...

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