1. Hiding Scars

    Hiding Scars

    Bailey reminded me yesterday that today would mark the one year anniversary of her blender accident. It isn’t really a day I ever want to think about again, but the lessons I learned through that experience have stayed with me. I hope I never forget that conversation in our laundry room...

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  2. Let it Go

    Let it Go

    This story seemed fitting tonight as I was getting ready for bed, thinking of all the things I have been working so hard to let go, and excited for a day of healing this weekend to spend more time facing them.  The trial had been over for many months. Life was starting...

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  3. The Grief Process of a Child

    The Grief Process of a Child

    Because of their physical, emotional, mental and social immaturity, children do not react to loss in the same ways as adults. Ways that children’s grief is different from adults: The NCI’s PDQ cancer information summary about Grief, Bereavement, and Coping with Loss listed the following: Children may seem to show grief...

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  4. The Coat

    The Coat

      I remember a day—a year or so ago—Teage and I were fighting all morning about whether or not he was going to wear his winter coat to school. He said he refused to wear it, and Shawn and I kept telling him all the reasons why he would. By...

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  5. Take Upon Me

    Take Upon Me

    This weekend I was taught some new lessons that I want to share. On Friday Bailey and Bostyn picked out some cookbooks at the public library. They spent most of the day making menus of the things they wanted to cook. They were anxiously asking all day Saturday to make...

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