1. Good Grief

    Good Grief

    Grief is a funny thing. I’ve never really had to greive to the extent that I am right now. I’ve lost grandparents. I’ve lost friends. I’ve lost loved ones that I’ve worked for for a number of years . But I’ve never left lost lost my husband. I’ve never lost...

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  2. Fight


    I remember being pregnant with my twins and thinking I had it all figured out. I had a birth plan all written, and I pretty much knew exactly how my birthing experience would be. I had been on bed rest for contractions for months, and thought for sure that being...

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  3. Walk Away

    Walk Away

    Kandi Hall . . . I had met her many times. She had held my baby and apparently been on dates with my son. She had willingly and with perfect knowledge defiled my family. She had slept with my husband. My anger toward her was boiling. There wasn’t a day...

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