Companies & Individuals We Recommend

None of the following resources are paid solicitations.  They are people and companies that we have personal experience with and feel confident in recommending.

  1. LifePlan Financial

    Ty Phillippi is a Certified Financial Transitionist who is specifically trained and skilled in the Sudden Money Institute’s methodology for managing financial change. He also co-authored the eBook Change Your Advisor, Change Your Life with Dan Hypes which was released in 2014. Visit our website at  or Connect with Ty
  2. Widows at Work

    We partner with companies and provide training on how to manage and support their employees while in a fragile state of grieving.  We offer training in the workplace and widowed mentors. Visit us at
  3. Stanford Coaching

    Corey Stanford is a widower and Certified Professional Coach dedicated to helping younger widows and widowers expand their vision for the future and achieve balanced and fulfilling lives.  You can contact Corey at [email protected] or visit Stanford Coaching