1-Year Angelversary

The one year anniversary of the death of a loved one is a pivotal day, marking the passage of a year without them, yet also a year survived.  How do we best remember the ones we love and create traditions that bond the family together?  How do we deal with the extra grief that can consume these special days?

 From Our Experience

Jodi Larson
I make my husband’s favorite meal and do an activity he enjoyed, something we would be doing together if he were here. He liked working together in the yard. It is physical so it gives me a way to let out some stress as well as visualize him with me.

Jodi Larson
When our year date rolled around, we made my husband’s award winning chilli, went to the beach and had a bonfire, lit luminaries all the way to the water, roasted marshmallows and shared a fun “remember when….” Night.


 Ideas to Commemorate the one-year Mark

  • Release balloons with notes.
  • Do a service project or ask others to do small acts of kindness. (Give to others while honoring your loved one. What a great example for your children!
  • Encourage family and friends to share a story about your loved one. Compile these in a book.
  • Do something that you enjoyed doing together, or that they would enjoy watching you do.
  • Eat at your loved one’s favorite restaurant.
  • Have a good time reminiscing looking at old pictures, family movies, or telling funny stories.
  • Take a meal to someone in need in your loved one’s name.

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