Loss is hard no matter the form. It is lonely and scary. Some losses happen because of the choices of another person. Losses that include suicide, addiction, infidelity . . . can become one that is filled with anger. Though grief has many forms of presentation, the emotions that come after the loss during these terms usually are perpetually interlaced with a lot of anger. The person experiencing the loss battles their own worth along side losing the person they loved. Anger at self, anger at the actions of the person lossed are all very real and a strong part of the grieving process. We may question our ability to control anything in our own life. We may struggle with what we could or should have done differently. We may even question whether our actions caused or contributed to the other person’s downfall. We may be racked with our own guilt of how things could have ended differently. Whatever emotions come during grief is not within our control, but what we do with those emotions is up to us. Pain is real, and very powerful but it cannot break us. It cannot break us, or it is no better than the addiction or disease that caused us to lose in the first place. This loss was not your fault. No matter what role you did or did not play did not cause this pain. Looking back will be hard, but looking forward can be bright. After the loss you have experienced you can make it through, and you are not alone. No one has been right where you have, but there are many who are facing similar challenges. This was not your fault, and you are not alone.

Believe in Yourself
Take control of your destiny, believe in yourself. Ignore those who try to discourage you. Avoid negative sources, people, places, things and habits. Don’t give up and don’t give in.
Wanda Hope Carter

You are Enough
Don’t limit yourself and don’t let others convince you that you are limited in what you can do. Believe in yourself and live so as to reach your possibilities. You can achieve what you believe you can. Trust and have faith.
Thomas S. Monson

  Real Stories

A woman shares her devastation when her husband announced that he had been unfaithful and wanted a divorce.  Through her struggles, she felt peace and comfort by turning to the Savior.

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