Other Loss: Circumstances & Special Days Surrounding Loss

Sometimes in the journey of grief we need to connect with stories and people who have suffered similar circumstances. Finding commonalities help us to feel ‘normal’ though this difficult and not very ‘normal’ process.  In this section we share stories and issues that pertain to special circumstances surrounding loss.  We also offer help for dealing with special days and holidays when loss is often more pronounced. 

Finding commonalities help us feel ‘normal’ through this not so ‘normal’ process.

You can search through “Our Stories,” introductory stories written by our authors and guest writers.  We hope that you will find connections with others that will help aid you in grief.  In the tabs below are some of the categories that we have chosen.

The Perspective of Gratitude
I have known many blessings in my life. I have lost, but I have also gained. I have hurt, but I have also healed. I have struggled, but I have also loved. And I have been loved. I know I still have more to experience, more to change, more to grow. For all that I have been given in ever so many ways, I know that I am blessed. And I am thankful.


James E Miller

Loss by…


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Loss involving…


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Special Days & Holidays


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