Remarriage and Blending

For some, remarriage can offer hope to those who have suffered loss.  Marriage and blending families is an opportunity to extend your capacity to love and to practice the attribute of patience and forgivingness. Understanding the potential problems and difficulties inherent in second marriages can help you avoid pitfalls and have realistic expectations that will more likely lead to a happy family life.


Marriage: Your Highest Priority
Those who enter into marriage should be fully prepared to establish their marriage as the first priority in their lives
James E Faust

Making Family Life a Priority
Good homes are still the best source of good humans.
Neil A Maxwell

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Couples of all ages share the many ways they have found to express love for each other.  A widower shares His experiences with expressions of love and how we can work towards lasting marriage relationships

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  1. Thankful


    So many memories of Thanksgiving bring peace to my heart. It is weird to look back, and hard to not wish to have a piece of those days come to life again. So many family members, in my memories, have passed away. It is strange sometimes to continue to celebrate...

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  2. I’m not Opinionated, I’m just Always Right

    I’m not Opinionated, I’m just Always Right

    I have often had a inner struggles with the need ‘to be right.’ I think it is one of my biggest weaknesses.  When I was 16 my family bought me a sweatshirt that said,      “I’m Not Opinionated, I’m just Always Right!” I honestly didn’t understand why they thought...

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  3. Patterns in our Soles

    Patterns in our Soles

      This week Kaleeya, Tytus and I were at the pool. The big kids were at school. We were having fun playing in the water and enjoying some one on one time. The pool was empty for a while until another little family showed up. The parents had two young...

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  4. Crack the Walls

    Crack the Walls

      During the second week of Bostyn’s hospitalization for her eye infection, she was moved to a different floor. I began to notice that no matter what time of day or night—every time I would walk through the hall to go see her, I would hear a baby screaming in...

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  5. Celebrating 8 Years Together

    Celebrating 8 Years Together

      Eight years ago Curtis and I united our families together. This is the first time I have celebrated an 8th anniversary.  Jake and I were married for 7 1/2 years when he was killed at work.  We had known each other for 8 years and 4 days.  Part of me...

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A marriage, like a human life, is a precious, living thing. Spouses should exercise faith in Christ and love for each other to heal and strengthen their marriage relationship.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ can heal the pain of a troubled or broken marriage for all who humbly seek His help.  Prayer, repentance and change can strengthen marriages and bring families closer together.