Remarriage and Blending

For some, remarriage can offer hope to those who have suffered loss.  Marriage and blending families is an opportunity to extend your capacity to love and to practice the attribute of patience and forgivingness. Understanding the potential problems and difficulties inherent in second marriages can help you avoid pitfalls and have realistic expectations that will more likely lead to a happy family life.


Marriage: Your Highest Priority
Those who enter into marriage should be fully prepared to establish their marriage as the first priority in their lives
James E Faust

Making Family Life a Priority
Good homes are still the best source of good humans.
Neil A Maxwell

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  1. Rewriting our Instruction Manuals: Issues to Consider with Remarriage

    Experts say that we think 400 thoughts a minute on average. That is equivalent to a 10,000 pages every 80 hours. Throughout our lives we are constantly writing a continuous instruction manual to help us predict and react to the world and the people around us. We refer to those manuals...
  2. Changed

      I don’t think we will ever fully comprehend the impact someone will have on our lives until they are gone. It has been said that no one really hears your voice until you no longer have one. Many artists don’t sell their masterpieces until after they have passed away;...
  3. Willing to Submit to All Things the Lord Seeth Fit to Inflict Upon You

    Note:  Second marriages are never easy.  This post deals with some of the hard realities we’ve grown through in our eight years of marriage.  This is a message of hope, faith, repentance, growth and hard work. I’m so grateful for my marriage with Curtis and its all been worth it....

  Real Stories

Couples of all ages share the many ways they have found to express love for each other.  A widower shares His experiences with expressions of love and how we can work towards lasting marriage relationships

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  1. Fight


    I remember being pregnant with my twins and thinking I had it all figured out. I had a birth plan all written, and I pretty much knew exactly how my birthing experience would be. I had been on bed rest for contractions for months, and thought for sure that being...

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  2. Wait for Me

    Wait for Me

    Dateline had just aired; the twins had just been baptized (I am going out of order big time). Shawn and I felt as if we finally could get away for the first time, and go on a honeymoon.  Our bags were packed and the kids’ schedule was set. The drive...

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  3. Is It Possible To Love Again?

    Is It Possible To Love Again?

      A common question is asked in my widow group, “Is it possible to love again?” It’s a good question because most people put all the love they have into their spouse, then when that person is gone, the love feels lost. This can happen with a divorce, too. It seems the...

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  4. I’m in a Blender

    I’m in a Blender

    Anyone that says blending two families into one is easy, is pulling your leg. It’s actually pulling your heart strings. It feels like I’M IN A BLENDER. A little background… I never expected to be blending families. Probably nobody does. But in 2008 the unexpected happened… my husband passed away in...

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A marriage, like a human life, is a precious, living thing. Spouses should exercise faith in Christ and love for each other to heal and strengthen their marriage relationship.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ can heal the pain of a troubled or broken marriage for all who humbly seek His help.  Prayer, repentance and change can strengthen marriages and bring families closer together.