The loss of a companion leaves in it’s wake a hole of loneliness and the desire for companionship.  How do you know when it is time to start dating?  How do you prepare family and friends if you choose to take this step?  What are the pitfalls and important things to know before you begin to date?

Being Comfortable with Being Alone
Until you get comfortable with being alone, you’ll never know if you are choosing someone out of love or loneliness
Mandy Hale

The Person Who Fits with Your ``Rightness``
When a woman is not attracted to you, it does not always mean it is because of something missing in you. Often it is because there is something missing in her life that makes you incompatible for her. (Remember, that can work both ways.) Dating is about being the right person rather than finding or looking for the right person. When you are the right person, the person who fits with your “rightness” will be attracted to you.

  Dating Advice from a Widow

Thanks to Karen Millsap, one of our authors, for sharing this interview with us.  Karen helps widows reintegrate in the workplace.  You can find out more about her programs at

There are so many questions around dating or even the idea of having a love life after your spouse dies. Not only do we put ourselves through a lot emotionally, but other’s criticism, judgement or opinions can heavily impact our journey. My friend, Kim, talks about her late husband, finding love again, her kids while dating and more!


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  Real Stories

Being a previously married adult makes the decision to abstain from sexual relations until you are remarried a difficult one, yet it is one that will bring you greater security, self-confidence and aid from the Spirit.  In this video, Six interfaith youth speak candidly on why they have chosen to be sexually pure.

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Dating Advice from Julie

Things to consider when you are thinking about dating.

Relationships are as unique as the individuals in them

Don’t set out to replace the relationship you lost.  It is impossible to recreate the marriage you once had.  Your new relationship will be completely different because it is with someone that is completely different.  

Don’t give up just because it is hard.

The grief process doesn’t end when you are in a new relationship.

Remember when children are involved in blending a new family the kids have all experienced some sort of loss, whether it is because of divorce or death.

Make your new marriage a high priority.