Staying Present

Holding on to pain from the past or dwelling too much on fears of the future keeps us from acting in the present. We can become crippled or paralyzed by things we cannot change or that will never even occur. Learning to live in the present and make choices today that will help us continue to move forward tomorrow can better help us focus and manage our emotions

Today is a Gift
Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, but today is a gift; that is why it is called the present


Kung Fu Panda

Live in the Present
To live a more balanced life, glance at the past, live in the present, and focus on the future


Todd Stocker

  Talking About Grief & Loss

#9 How does focusing on the present help you deal with grief?

Today we will be discussing how staying in the present moment can help us deal with guilt, fear, and longing. We discuss the dangers of dwelling in the past or dreaming too much about the future. We focus on finding happiness today allows us to find a happy future.

  From the Editors Desk

  1. Focusing on the Task at Hand

        I teach a women’s class on Sunday at my church and here is the quote I’m going to start my lesson with. It’s beautiful and pretty much sums up life for me and is probably the reason I can get out of bed at all anymore.    ...
  2. Empowerment to get through trials: Staying Present

      This idea is so critical for getting through trials!  I just cannot say that enough.   The present is the only time that we can use our agency. The past is done and cannot be changed. We can learn from it, but cannot affect it. The future is beyond...
  3. Staying in the present…

      While my husband was suffering with his cancer, which eventually led to his death, I had a tendency to look back at the “what if’s” or mostly, I would look into the future and say “what if”?  I have come to realize that the question “what if” only leads...

  Real Stories

Every day can be the start of a New Year. Faith in Jesus Christ gives us strength to leave the past behind and look ahead to a brighter future. Read Jeffrey R. Holland’s article, “The Best Is Yet to Be

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  1. Choosing Joy

    Choosing Joy

      When you have suffered loss, the special days of the year are often the hard days.  It can be easy to fear or dread them.  Grief has a way of poking it’s head into any potentially happy and memory building event, almost as if it is taunting, “You will...

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  2. Little Bit Longer

    Little Bit Longer

      The whistle was piercing as one of the boys accidentally pushed over other teammate in order to get the ball. Another foul shot. Of course, the crowd was not happy. Some fathers were standing and waving their arms, irritated and screaming down to the referee. Mothers were frustrated at...

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  3. The Broken Road to Faith

    The Broken Road to Faith

      Why does it always feel as though my faith has to be challenged for it to grow? Is there no other way? Can’t there be an easy route—or is there one and nobody has told me about it . . . and I keep taking the long way? Sometimes...

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  4. Not Forgotten

    Not Forgotten

    The trial date had been set.  With the knowledge that it would be just months away I felt our life, in our blended family, would be able to start for real once it was complete. I constantly longed for the day when I could walk in that courtroom and let my voice...

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  5. My Gray Day

    My Gray Day

    Yesterday was kind of a gray day for me.  I say gray because it wasn’t a dark day.  Thankfully I seemed to have moved past those now, but it definitely wasn’t a sunny day either.  I just felt kind of ‘blah’ all day long.  I know the rain, and cold...

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I stay in the present with a hope to the future.

That is what I do now. I focus on the task at hand. I look at the kids. What do they need? What is vital in the house that needs to be completed? I do that. What needs to be done for my spiritual progression? What do I need to do to stay sane? (I run or swim or chill with awesome friends.) I don’t have time and can’t focus on what I lost. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt, but I can’t let that out all the time.


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