Recognizing Patterns

Patterns often exist in our life or in nature to teach us important lessons. These analogies are a gift to help us understand what we are to learn and how to move forward. Patterns also exist in our lives that sometimes need to be changed if we are to move forward. If we are perceptive, the Spirit will teach us lessons through patterns and help us know the patterns to follow and the pattern to discard.

A Series of Miracles
Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles.
Mike Greenburg

Tender Mercies
The Lord’s tender mercies do not occur randomly or by mearly coincidence, Faithfulness, Obedience and Humility invite tender mercies into our lives, and it is often the Lord’s timing that enables us to recognize and treasure these important blessings.
David A Bednar

  From the Editors Desk

  1. The Power of Deliverance from Trials

    Recently I have been dealing with a bunch of compounding health issues.  I traveled out to Utah to get treatment from one of my husband’s best friend from residency.  I was disappointed to find out that my problems were not easy to resolve.  I’m facing surgery here in a few weeks...
  2. Patterns in our Soles

      This week Kaleeya, Tytus and I were at the pool. The big kids were at school. We were having fun playing in the water and enjoying some one on one time. The pool was empty for a while until another little family showed up. The parents had two young...
  3. Profound lessons today

    I love our morning scripture study!  We are having such wonderful teaching moments in the morning.  I don’t even have to plan; I just read and the idea for application comes.  I stop reading and we talk about the application.  I no longer read to get a certain amount done;...

  Real Stories

Jeffrey R. Holland shares a personal experience that shows a pattern.  His story reminds us to always trust God and the direction He gives us. When making decisions, God expects us to pray, trust, and be believing and then not give up, panic, or “jump ship” when something doesn’t seem to be going right.  

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  1. Finding Peace Amidst the Crashing Waves

    Finding Peace Amidst the Crashing Waves

    The holidays are approaching and I watch everyone else filled with excitement and anticipation.  Scott loved the holidays and it was always such a happy time in our house, but I find now that I dread those days.  I have learned to live with all of the normal days of...

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  2. Gird Up Your Loins

    Gird Up Your Loins

    (Post written one month before Bart’s passing. . .) I have always loved hymns.  Especially Christmas and Children’s hymns. They are filled with such warm, wonderful memories of my past. I realized tonight, that one hymn in particular can bring The Spirit in to my heart more than any other...

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The Lord is there and ready to take your load of grief and everything else that goes along with it.

I have seen so many tender mercies through these past few years, even before he died (looking back) that I can’t count them. I’m also aware that there are many others that I haven’t noticed. I thank my Heavenly Father on a consistent basis for all the unknown tender mercies as well.



One thing is for sure—not all patterns of behavior were intended to be carried on.

They may be the tool that is holding you back from the life you want to have. Just like the walls that get triggered to be built in the past, patterns of the past can be broken and changed.


Question & Answer

How can I learn to recognize patterns?