Learning & Journaling

As we study and record our learning process we will find answers to our problems and receive clarity. Reading is not enough to retain and assimilate new knowledge. As we record our thoughts, God can speak individually to us and give us greater direction. Acting on those thoughts will further the receipt of answers. Knowledge is given line upon line only after we have demonstrated a willingness to act on what has been given to us.

Courage from God's Promises
To acquire spiritual knowledge and to use it with wisdom, one must: 1. In humility, seek divine light. 2. Exercise faith in Jesus Christ. 3. Strive diligently to keep his commandments. As knowledge unfolds it must be understood, valued, used, remembered, and expanded.
Richard G Scott

Words of Wisdom
Seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith

  Talking About Grief

How does Studying and Journaling help you to get inspiration?

Today we will be discussing how journaling can lead to inspiration when coupled with prayer and study. Journaling has allowed us to remember past experiences, find gratitude, and see patterns in our lives. We also discuss the power of daily study in helping us feel centered.

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“If you want to talk to the Lord get down on your knees, if you want God to talk to you then read your scriptures.” You can receive personal revelation from God by living His gospel and having the gift of the Holy Spirit. By studying the scriptures and recording the thoughts and impressions that come as your study, you can better get answers to your prayers.   One young woman said, “As I start to write, suddening my mind is filled with so much more that I am learning from that scripture.”

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Sometimes if your mind goes a million miles an hour, typing can be healing to just get all of your thoughts out there.

Blogging helped me to just get it out and get it out fast. Once it was out and I could read and re-read it, it helped me to understand what I needed to do next. My mind was no longer screaming at me because I gave it a voice on the blog.



Journaling is the only time, other than praying, where I can be 100% honest with my thoughts.

I don’t have to worry about the affects they will have on others or any judgements that may come. Once they are down on paper, I feel like it easier to let them go, move forward and not continue to dwell on them. I hope that someday they will be a source of strength and help me see progress.



I kept a journal too, but I did it in letter form.

I also added scripture, random thoughts, and helpful qoutes. It was kind of a smash scrap book. There were pictures. My book understood when nobody else did. Sometimes I wrote to God. It helps me see how far I have grown.


Question & Answer

Why is it important to write what I am learning?