Listening to Inspiration

God wants to help us on the path of life. His Spirit can give us direction and help if we are willing to act on that direction. Acting on positive thoughts and feelings helps us receive more direction, because we show God that we are a person He can trust and use. As we act on those things and see how God is directing us, our faith and confidence in Him grows.

The Universal Remedy
The Holy Spirit can do for us physically, emotionally, mentally and intellectually what no man-made remedy can begin to duplicate
Linda K. Burton

Your Confidence in Impressions
As you gain experience and success in being guided by the Spirit, you confidence in the impressions you feel can become more certain than your dependence on what you see or hear
Richard G Scott

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  Real Stories

What is light? How does light connect with inspiration? In this three part series, David A. Bednar discusses how we receive and perceive light from God.

  • Part 1 centers on the properties of light and how the Light of Christ affects all men and women everywhere.
  • Part 2 discusses how to recognize, discern and act upon light from God.
  • Part 3 explains the patterns of light by which God communicates with us and how they lead to the spirit of revelation.

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Listen for guidance and follow your heart

I am amazed at how our life has fallen into place just by acting and taking a leap of faith. Heavenly Father is aware of us. It’s been so scary, but has made me be a stronger woman.


Question & Answer

How do I know if it is inspiration or just my thoughts?

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How do we invite the Spirit or Inspiration into our lives? You can invite the Holy Spirit into your life through prayer, scripture study and being obedient to God’s commandments.