Choosing our Reaction

We have the power to choose our response to any situation we are placed in. Taking the time to purposefully choose instead of instinctively react puts us in a place of power. Empowered with agency we can remove ourselves from the victim role and begin to take charge of the direction of our lives.

The Choice is Yours
When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can let it define you, let it destroy you, or can let it strengthen you.

While the Storms Rage
The greatest test of life is to see whether we will hearken to and obey God’s commands in the midst of the storms of life. It is not to endure the storms, but to choose the right while they rage.


Henry B. Eyring

  Talking About Grief

#7 How Does Choosing your Reaction empower you?

Today we will be discussing how choosing your reaction can be empowering. When loss happen, people often feel their lives are out of control, and we can begin to feel like victims. But each of us has the power to choose how we are going to respond in any given situation. 

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  1. Life Expert

    For a long time, as I would share our story, I thought it was to save someone from choosing evil. I thought if I could just help one person stay away from a bad choice, it would change the course of their life . . . or save them from...
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    This question asked by a friend of mine has prompted a lot of thought.  A few recent experiences have taught me a really cool and powerful principle that answers this question….   When we are tempted to do something we know we shouldn’t, we can pray and ask God to...
  3. Healing = Courage + Action + Grace (PART 4/5)

    KEY COMPONENTS FOR HEALING: ACTION   The scriptures teach us, “Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”  Knocking is acting.  So often we find ourselves trudging through life looking at our feet or simply sitting in the mud.  We think that we are all alone and forsaken.  We may...

  Real Stories

Headaches will surely come. Russell M. Nelson shares a personal story to give encouragement for when we feel “weak in the heart.”  “To the individual who is weak in the heart, be patient with yourself.  Don’t demand things that are unreasonable, but demand of yourself improvement, as you let the Lord help you, He will make the difference.”  We can choose to act in positive ways to help ourselves grow and move forward on the path of healing.

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Thoughts turn into actions which affect our destiny

I read and memorized a favorite scripture, and wondered how one could, “press forward.. with a perfect brightness of hope”. The act of pressing forward out of necessity began to build that hope. The hope came from thinking and controlling thoughts, which then controlled feelings, which then controlled actions, which are now shaping my destinyThe act of pressing forward out of necessity began to build that hope. The hope came from thinking and controlling thoughts, which then controlled feelings, which then controlled actions, which are now shaping my destiny. I read that somewhere, but now it was materializing in my own life.


Question & Answer

How do I start acting and stop reacting to bad situations?