Fear is the result of focusing on events that may occur in the future. It happens when our faith fails. It is the result of pulling real pain from the past or imagined pain and projecting it on what might be. Choosing to stay present and building our faith in God can help us combat fear.

Faith is the Antidote to Fear
Remove any of your fear with faith. Trust the power of God to guide you.


M. Russell Ballard

Hold the Ground You have Already Won
In moments of fear or doubt or troubling times, hold to the ground you have already won, even if that ground is limited. … When these moments come and issues surface, the resolution of which is not immediately forthcoming, hold fast to what you already know and stand strong until additional knowledge comes.

Jeffrey R. Holland

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  Real Stories

When Deiter F. Uchtdorf was a young child, he learned that his mother was a great example of how hope and faith in God and in the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help anyone overcome fear. Toward the end of World War II, my mother decided to flee to Germany where her parents were living. Though I was only three years old, I can still remember this time of fear and hunger. Along the way the train stopped occasionally to get supplies. One night, during one of these stops, my mother hurried out of the train to search for some food for her four children. I know with certainty, her faith overcame her fear, and her hope overcame her despair.

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    The Growth of Faith in Trials

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Fear is toxic, even more poisonous than the pain.

Our pain is what we try to protect with our fear—but ultimately we just cause more of it. We become control freaks, not because we want to make everyone do things our way—but more because we don’t ever want to lose the things we love. Letting go of this fear is really just accepting the fact we do not own the control.


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