When we feel we have been left without comfort and support feelings of abandonment can take over. Abandonment can take on many forms. Individuals who have suffered with spousal infidelity, abuse, depression, or suicide may have very strong feelings of abandonment based on their past experiences. Other may feel abandoned simply because of the death, asking questions such as, “How could you leave me?” Still others feel abandoned by God. Coping with feelings of abandonment will prevent stronger feelings of anger and depression from taking root.

When Pain is Great
Your most profound and intimate experiences of worship will likely be in your darkest days- when your heart is broken, when you feel abandoned, when you are out of options, when the pain is great, and your turn to God alone.
Rick Warren

Even in our Darkest Hour
We are not and never need be alone.
David A. Bednar

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  1. Think of Me

    Every human on the earth longs to be remembered. In the small mundane day-to-day tasks, or the big projects of life—we don’t ever want to feel forgotten. We like to be acknowledged for the things that we do, and noticed for the sacrifices we make. We like to be seen...
  2. Perfectly Imperfect

    After Emmett died, and even after I married Shawn, I remember spending hours trying to change myself. I didn’t feel good enough to leave my room without my make-up on, or my hair done. I didn’t like to look people in the eyes, for fear they would see all the...
  3. Healing = Courage + Action + Grace (PART 1/5)

      Betrayal, Loss of Loved Ones, Abandonment, Mocking, and Physical Pain are part of this mortal experience, yet there is a way for Healing to occurring in each of our lives.  This information comes from a speech given by Jonathan Sandberg who is a marriage and family counselor.  I wanted...

  Real Stories

“When we are racked or harrowed up or torment by guilt or burdened with grief, He can heal us… We can experience the Peace of God which passes all understanding.” “The gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of transformation… He invites us to come unto Him and be transformed.” “All can discover, embrace and walk in the true faith of their Father, which faith will make them whole.”

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  1. Answering the Questions of Suicide

    Answering the Questions of Suicide

    Death by suicide is certainly a complicated grief. This grief rollercoaster is amazing. If you think there is a rollercoaster in the world that can manage the twists, turns and insanity of grief, you would be wrong. Grief is unpredictable, follows no rules and comes at you without warning. It...

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  2. All I Ever Wanted

    All I Ever Wanted

    It came. The day I had dreaded for almost two years—my turn to take the stand. I don’t remember how I got there that day. Besides Rob, I don’t remember who was sitting in the courtroom watching me. All I remember was gasping for air. When they called my name...

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  3. Crack the Walls

    Crack the Walls

      During the second week of Bostyn’s hospitalization for her eye infection, she was moved to a different floor. I began to notice that no matter what time of day or night—every time I would walk through the hall to go see her, I would hear a baby screaming in...

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  4. Born to Fail

    Born to Fail

    Life began to feel normal for a minute. Shawn and I grew closer, and for a time the past seemed to be so far behind me. I started to enjoy some of the things I had enjoyed before the tragedy. One day, Shawn came home with a gym membership for...

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We find the true healing we seek, when we are able to reach to the One who will always remember us.

We are always going to be reminded that we are not enough; we are easy to forget when something seemingly greater comes along. But I promise you this: Someone is thinking of you. He not only thinks of you when you feel alone—He remembers you when you really are forgotten.


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