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We wanted teens to share what helped them. No two teens will deal with grief the same way, but we hope that by sharing some of these ideas with your teens that they will find a path that works for them.

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  1. Happy Ever After 

    Life is a glass, and there is water in that glass. We have all heard that phrase before. Sometimes, the glass is half empty, sometimes it’s half full, but nevertheless, it’s all the same. It’s a glass cup, and there is water, waiting to be consumed. I’ve always been fascinated...
  2. Will it Make or Break Me

      Cooper Clarke age 17   My mom dropped to the floor sobbing. My brother and sister who had tears covering their faces joined her. I just started at the computer screen, “Cessna 421C Golden Eagle N700EM, two occupants, two fatalities.” I could not believe he was gone. On November...
  3. If I Were to Go Back

    If I could go back in time, and see myself in different phases of my life, would I? And if I did, which parts of my life would I visit? Would I change anything?  Would I say anything?   If I could go back and tell Younger Me anything, what would it be?  I...

  What Teens Have to Say

Eric- age 15</p>
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I have found that a place of rememberance helps me think and understand the meaning of things
Eric- age 15

Curtis- age 18
I had to consciously decide to make each day the best day ever, the happiest day ever, and most productive day ever, so that I didn’t fall into the trap of putting aside my happiness until a future event. those who think that events will give them lasting happiness are fooling themselves. People say to themselves, once I get out of high school I can finally be happy, once I get off a mission I’ll finally be happy, Once I graduate, Once I get married, once I get that next promotion, or next raise I’ll finally be happy, etc. etc. But the thing I realized is happiness is for right now. We choose to be happy today there is a lot of power in the conscious decision to be happy today, not later, I have found happiness through doing God’s will.
Curtis- age 18

[i class=”icon-pencil”]  Things that Teens Say Help

  • Participating in Music, Poetry, Writing, or Art that allows you to express your emotions
  • Having a place to go and think that reminds you of your parent
  • Supportive adults that spend extra time with you
  • Supportive friends who you can still have fun with
  • Physical activities that give you time to think
  • A happy, non-stressful home environment
  • Repeating activities that remind you of your parent
  • Having a tangible item that reminds you of a parent
  • Family time
  • Find something to make you laugh

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