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We invite you to act on the things you have been reading and to discover the difference that acting makes in your healing.

Below are a list of readings that each have specific questions to ponder and journal about.  After you have completed the readings and the questions, we invite you to try one of the challenges.  Keep track of your progress and then use the link to post back about your experience either on the forum or in the comment section of the related blog post. As you LEARN, ACT and SHARE your experiences you will find growth and healing in the process. Be patient with yourself.  Move forward at the pace that you and your circumstances allow, but try to do a little everyday and you will find relief from the pain of your grief.

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LEARN: Read Post- If I Only had Today, The SunLetting Go of Regret and Guilt through Forgiveness

ACT: Questions to ponder and journal about:

1. How can recognizing past mistakes and committing to making changes help you overcome feelings of regret and guilt?

Challenge: Use your regrets to help you recognize what you need to change.  Make a list of those things and commit to make changes in your current relationships and in your character.  Pray for help and practice one or two of those things for three weeks. Write about how making those changes has helped you to feel more peace.

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LEARN: Read Post- Empowerment to get through trials: Staying Present,

ACTQuestions to ponder and journal about:

2. How can staying present help you overcome regrets and guilt?

Challenge: When you feel negative thoughts enter your mind, choose not to dwell on them.  Don’t let them pull you to the past. Write a letter expressing your regrets.  Pray for forgiveness over an extended period of time.  Record your progress.

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LEARN: Read Post- Regrets that Paralyze You

ACTQuestions to ponder and journal about:

3. How can receiving inspiration and prayer help you set regrets aside and move forward.

Challenge: Pray specifically every day for understanding that will help you set regrets that you cannot change aside.  Then look for answers as you read and study or talk with others.  Pay attentions to your feelings and thoughts when you take time to just think and ponder.  Write down your experiences.

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