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We invite you to act on the things you have been reading and to discover the difference that acting makes in your healing.

Below are a list of readings that each have specific questions to ponder and journal about.  After you have completed the readings and the questions, we invite you to try one of the challenges.  Keep track of your progress and then use the link to post back about your experience either on the forum or in the comment section of the related blog post. As you LEARN, ACT and SHARE your experiences you will find growth and healing in the process. Be patient with yourself.  Move forward at the pace that you and your circumstances allow, but try to do a little everyday and you will find relief from the pain of your grief.

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Today we will be discussing how patience helps us retain hope and act in faith and how that aids in our healing. We point out that lack of patience and complaining can decreases our ability to act and cause discouragement. Finally we cover how patience can improve our relationships and help us feel more peace.

LEARN: Read Post- Remaining Committed to Your Faith During Times of Trials

ACT: Questions to ponder and journal about:

1. In what ways have you been guilty of complaining?  How can you use gratitude, faith and patience to limit complaining? How does refraining from complaining allow us to feel more light and get more help from God?

Challenge: Focus on refraining from complaining for two weeks. Focus on things you can be grateful for.  Journal about how not complaining helps you and your emotions?

SHARE: your experience

LEARN: Read Post- Not Strong EnoughLittle Bit Longer

ACT: Questions to ponder and journal about:

2. How are lack of patience or unwillingness to change related to discouragement?  How do those things prevent us from moving forward?

Challenge: identify an area where you lack patience.  Use positive thought patterns and prayer to help you change your natural negative reactions.  Practice patience and work on changing those thought processes for three weeks.

SHARE: your experience

LEARN: Read Post- Let Patience Have Her Perfect WorkLessons in Patience

ACT: Questions to ponder and journal about:

3. How can patience help you become someone better? How can you actively choose to let patience refine you?

Challenge: Make a list of statement to help you remember to act in patiences.  Remind yourself of this list daily for 3 weeks. What differences did you see?

SHARE: your experience


LEARN: Read Post- Learning Patience and Empathy in Parenting a Teen…Is that Even Possible?What Not to Do When Someone is Grieving, Lessons Learned in Helping Others: Change takes time- part 2

ACT: Questions to ponder and journal about:

4. How can choosing to respond with patience improve your relationship?  How does that improve the peace you feel?

Challenge: Identify a relationship that needs strengthening. Make a concerted effort to respond in patience.  Pause before you respond, apologize for past impatience and impatient responses.  Write about how this affects your relationship.

SHARE: your experience