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We invite you to act on the things you have been reading and to discover the difference that acting makes in your healing.

Below are a list of readings that each have specific questions to ponder and journal about.  After you have completed the readings and the questions, we invite you to try one of the challenges.  Keep track of your progress and then use the link to post back about your experience either on the forum or in the comment section of the related blog post. As you LEARN, ACT and SHARE your experiences you will find growth and healing in the process. Be patient with yourself.  Move forward at the pace that you and your circumstances allow, but try to do a little everyday and you will find relief from the pain of your grief.

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LEARN: Read Post- Hints of the Future

ACT: Questions to ponder and journal about:

1. Are there times when you have been prepared with promptings for future experiences? How can writing down those experiences and promptings help you to move forward with faith and hope?

Challenge: Record some of your past experiences. When you are praying, studying the scriptures, or reading inspirational talks pay attention to the impressions that come into your mind and you feel deeply in your heart.  Write down those feelings. Go back and read them periodically and add to them as new insights come.  Pay attention and notice what direction you get by doing this.

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LEARN: Read Post- My Sandbar: an Unseen Answer to Prayer

ACT: Questions to ponder and journal about:

2. What character traits help you better recognize answers to prayers?

Challenge: Focus on one of the traits you identified.  How does that trait help you to see blessings and answers to prayers that you might have missed?

SHARE: your experience