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We invite you to act on the things you have been reading and to discover the difference that acting makes in your healing.

Below are a list of readings that each have specific questions to ponder and journal about.  After you have completed the readings and the questions, we invite you to try one of the challenges.  Keep track of your progress and then use the link to post back about your experience either on the forum or in the comment section of the related blog post. As you LEARN, ACT and SHARE your experiences you will find growth and healing in the process. Be patient with yourself.  Move forward at the pace that you and your circumstances allow, but try to do a little everyday and you will find relief from the pain of your grief.

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LEARN: Read Post- Not Strong Enough

ACT: Questions to ponder and journal about:

1. What thought patterns help us fight discouragement?  How can prayer bring us around to those patterns?

Challenge: When you catch yourself spiraling downward.  Choose to stop those thoughts.  Use prayer, study and positive self talk to change those thought patterns.  Try this for three weeks and then write about your experience.

SHARE: your experience

LEARN: Read Post- Dealing with Depression

ACT: Questions to ponder and journal about:

2. What areas do you need to work on to improve your Happiness Quotient?

Challenge: Choose an area to focus on, set a goal to work on improving that aspect for 21 days. Journal about how working n this area has helped your overall happiness.

SHARE: your experience