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  1. Just Keep Moving!

    Just Keep Moving!

    Two months ago I was riding my bike. I decided to take a short cut to get back to the main road. This short cut involved some dirt…and my bike got stuck…I went to pedal forward and my bike wouldn’t move. As I tried to pedal but couldn’t move I...

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  2. Embrace Your Potential

    Embrace Your Potential

    Recently, a friend sent me this quote, “Chinese philosophers would say: don’t discover who you are, let alone embrace what you find. Instead of choosing self-acceptance, choose self-cultivation. Instead of embracing yourself, overcome yourself. This is not just how you become a flourishing adult. It is the best way to...

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  3. Overcomer


    It was October 2009. Life was good—no it was amazing! And then…everything in our life started to change. I remember when it happened. It was the day after we had these family pictures taken… I ended up at the hospital with severe pain and a diagnosis of diverticulitis. After a...

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  4. The Long, Lonely Road

    The Long, Lonely Road

    As I have fought and struggled with feelings of loneliness, I have questioned, “What is the purpose of the pain and suffering that so many of us feel from lost or non-existanting relationships?” I have wondered, “Am I having this experience because I need to learn to like being alone? ...

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  5. Unmet Expectations

    Unmet Expectations

    If on Thanksgiving I came to the table expecting to be served mashed potatoes swimming in butter, succulent turkey paired with flavorful gravy, pumpkin pie and the rest of the trimmings and was given instead macaroni and cheese, I would be disappointed. My failed expectations could cause me to despair...

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