1. Just Keep Moving!

    Just Keep Moving!

    Two months ago I was riding my bike. I decided to take a short cut to get back to the main road. This short cut involved some dirt…and my bike got stuck…I went to pedal forward and my bike wouldn’t move. As I tried to pedal but couldn’t move I...

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  2. Embrace Your Potential

    Embrace Your Potential

    Recently, a friend sent me this quote, “Chinese philosophers would say: don’t discover who you are, let alone embrace what you find. Instead of choosing self-acceptance, choose self-cultivation. Instead of embracing yourself, overcome yourself. This is not just how you become a flourishing adult. It is the best way to...

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  3. Overcomer


    It was October 2009. Life was good—no it was amazing! And then…everything in our life started to change. I remember when it happened. It was the day after we had these family pictures taken… I ended up at the hospital with severe pain and a diagnosis of diverticulitis. After a...

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  4. Perceptions


       We ALL have perceptions.  Perceptions are impacted by things we may have already learned through stereotypes and past experiences.  Perceptions affect our thoughts and they occur BEFORE judgment.  Judgment is the conclusion. The judgment we make or don’t make impacts our ACTIONS.  Recently, I was at Walmart.  As usual,...

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  5. Plans Change

    Plans Change

      “Once upon a time”…I had plans.  Those plans included romance, marriage, children, growing old with my husband…   Like many young girls, I created my own version of “happily ever after”.   My version had me married by the age of 21.   I would have five children all spaced exactly...

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  6. Flashbacks


    Today has been one of “those” days.  I have been having flashbacks.  I am remembering the suffering.  I am remembering the days where Paul was vomiting over and over…there was nothing I could do…I felt so helpless.  I am remembering those words…”Paul is terminal.  There is nothing left to do…” ...

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  7. A Trial is Really a Blessing?

    A Trial is Really a Blessing?

    I was looking at pictures of Paul last night.  It was strange to see the impact that cancer truly has on someone.  It can take a vital, healthy person and literally age them and destroy them before your eyes.  I remember thinking as I watched my husband’s health decline so...

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  8. Laughter Yoga

    Laughter Yoga

    Did you know there is something called Laughter Yoga? I didn’t until today, but just the thought of it made me laugh!  I guess I just was trying to visualize…somehow yoga and laughing doesn’t seem to go together…I think of meditation and yoga…deep breathing and yoga…or maybe the game Twister…that...

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  9. Got Joy?

    Got Joy?

    I need my therapy!  Every time I walk into my garage and see “my toy” sitting there, I get this overwhelming urge to jump in and go for a ride!  In fact, I get down right giddy at the thought of it! Yes, this girlie girl loves to get out...

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  10. The First Thanksgiving

    The First Thanksgiving

    This is our first Thanksgiving without Paul.  I feel many different emotions today.  I know this day will be different without him here.  I already miss him bustling around the house…   Paul loved to bake.  He made the best rolls ever!  He would make those the day before Thanksgiving...

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  11. Grateful for Cancer

    Grateful for Cancer

    Life is a “bitter-sweet” experience.  We have both good and bad experiences.  Because of the bad we can know and appreciate the good.  I have learned if I choose, I can even find sweetness in the bitter.  When you are struggling with trials, it can be very difficult to find...

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