1. Unmet Expectations

    Unmet Expectations

    If on Thanksgiving I came to the table expecting to be served mashed potatoes swimming in butter, succulent turkey paired with flavorful gravy, pumpkin pie and the rest of the trimmings and was given instead macaroni and cheese, I would be disappointed. My failed expectations could cause me to despair...

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  2. Things to Forgive

    Things to Forgive

    Emotions!  I don’t know what to do with them because they are everywhere lately.  I hurt for myself, for my kids for the uncertainty of life, for those that are struggling themselves and the emotions I have to deal with are heavy and huge right now. It’s okay. I will...

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  3. Melinda Mack

    Melinda Mack

    My entrance into grief came crashing into existence the day I found out my son’s heart was no longer beating and I would have to deliver his tiny body.  On October 21, 2014 I was plunged into another pool of grief when my husband, who had lived with depression for...

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