1. Happy Ever After 

    Happy Ever After 

    Life is a glass, and there is water in that glass. We have all heard that phrase before. Sometimes, the glass is half empty, sometimes it’s half full, but nevertheless, it’s all the same. It’s a glass cup, and there is water, waiting to be consumed. I’ve always been fascinated...

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  2. Little Bit Longer

    Little Bit Longer

      The whistle was piercing as one of the boys accidentally pushed over other teammate in order to get the ball. Another foul shot. Of course, the crowd was not happy. Some fathers were standing and waving their arms, irritated and screaming down to the referee. Mothers were frustrated at...

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  3. Gold Stars and Grey Dots 

    Gold Stars and Grey Dots 

      One of my favorite children stories growing up was the book by Max Lucado, “You are Special.”  (For anyone who doesn’t know this story, I suggest you read it. This is a spoiler alert. So, if you would prefer to go read this story first, do it!)  The synopsis...

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  4. Realization 


    December 25, 2013 was the last time I saw them.  It was via Skype, for which I am eternally grateful. I remember being so excited to talk to them and see their faces. Keegs hair was out of control long and curly. Liam looked not so little anymore.  They wanted...

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  5. Fish and Lambs

    Fish and Lambs

    My October is turning out a lot like my July. Which is a shame, because October is my favorite month. It’s so pretty. We were sitting together, not saying anything for a while. I was too upset and depressed to talk. I had been crying a little. He asked, “What...

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  6. Jensen Parrish Hall

    Jensen Parrish Hall

    I served an LDS ASL mission in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington from February 2013-February 2014.  After The accidental death of my mother, father and two youngest brothers, I returned home.  Shortly after, I started my blog, “A New Normal.” I relay my experience with grief and share my experiences, relating to my faith...

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