1. The Need to Change

    The Need to Change

    For anyone who is struggling to heal from a personal addiction or the addiction of someone you love, I recommend watching these 12 videos about recovery and change. Shawn and I spent the night watching them and we both learned a lot. I could relate to something in every single...

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  2. Hiding Scars

    Hiding Scars

    Bailey reminded me yesterday that today would mark the one year anniversary of her blender accident. It isn’t really a day I ever want to think about again, but the lessons I learned through that experience have stayed with me. I hope I never forget that conversation in our laundry room...

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  3. Fight


    I remember being pregnant with my twins and thinking I had it all figured out. I had a birth plan all written, and I pretty much knew exactly how my birthing experience would be. I had been on bed rest for contractions for months, and thought for sure that being...

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  4. Wait for Me

    Wait for Me

    Dateline had just aired; the twins had just been baptized (I am going out of order big time). Shawn and I felt as if we finally could get away for the first time, and go on a honeymoon.  Our bags were packed and the kids’ schedule was set. The drive...

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  5. Choose a Side

    Choose a Side

    On the day the jury went to Walgreens—to see the crime scene all mapped out—they first allowed us, as victims, time to walk through with the detectives and ask questions. I remember getting out of my car—shaking I was so nervous—wanting to burst into tears. It was daytime, but the...

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  6. Let it Go

    Let it Go

    This story seemed fitting tonight as I was getting ready for bed, thinking of all the things I have been working so hard to let go, and excited for a day of healing this weekend to spend more time facing them.  The trial had been over for many months. Life was starting...

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  7. Think of Me

    Think of Me

    Every human on the earth longs to be remembered. In the small mundane day-to-day tasks, or the big projects of life—we don’t ever want to feel forgotten. We like to be acknowledged for the things that we do, and noticed for the sacrifices we make. We like to be seen...

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  8. Send Someone

    Send Someone

    The week the trial was over I remember slipping into a deep depression. All the weight of my emotions—I had pictured would be lifted—still settled deep inside. The fears that haunted me had not ceased. That miracle rooftop moment of healing I had craved, still had not come. I was...

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  9. Ashlee Birk

    Ashlee Birk

    I am the author of the blog and book series entitled The Moments We Stand.  In them, I tell of my personal journey of healing and seeking peace after the murder of my husband Emmett. On March 11, 2011 Emmett was shot and killed in a Walgreens parking lot by the husband of a...

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  10. The Coat

    The Coat

      I remember a day—a year or so ago—Teage and I were fighting all morning about whether or not he was going to wear his winter coat to school. He said he refused to wear it, and Shawn and I kept telling him all the reasons why he would. By...

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