Our Message and Mission: Helping with Grief & Loss

Suffering is universal. In our own pain we have come to understand your pain and with that understanding and empathy has come the desire to help you in overcoming grief and loss. Our experiences have led us on that path towards healing as we have learned how to deal with grief and loss. We want to share the lessons that we have learned and the principles that we have followed so that you can learn to find the answers that have brought us peace. We open ourselves up to the world with the intent of our honesty and vulnerability helping to ease some of your burdens. We mourn with you and attempt to comfort you in your time of sorrow. We stand as witnesses of the power of these principles to help you heal. We have been there, we are still going through it, and yet we are moving forward despite our grief & loss. We all are constantly asked…

“How are you doing this?”

“How are you getting through so well?”

This project is our answer to that question.

We invite you to join us on this journey of hope, healing and becoming. We invite you to become part of our mission to share what we have learned with others. As you learn, act and then share your experiences you will find a power that you did not know existed. You will be enabled to move forward and help others as well. Alone we may feel weak, but together we can support and lift each other and shine as bright examples to those who will later follow. None of us intended to have lives that were filled with tragedy, we did not intend to publicly share our experiences, but we feel that God has miraculously brought us together and helped us to know what we needed to do and how to do it. Being part of this project has helped us to see God’s hand even more fully in our lives and in yours. He cares about you and has used us to share that message.

Our message of hope, healing and becoming.

 Our message of love.

Sandra & Ashlee

Widow and Widowers Conference

 Centerville, Utah  April 2015

  Mission Statement

To inspire and empower those who are searching for relief from grief and loss through the process of learning, acting on and sharing truth.

Sandra, Julie & Ashlee

A Reason to Stand  Boise, ID  May 2015

   Vision Statement

Enabling people to move forward after tragedy with greater faith, hope, purpose and understanding.

  Our Faith and Beliefs

We hope to bring truth to those who have forgotten it or who have never found it.  We pray that as we offer hope, others will find it. Our goal is to help those who feel alone understand that they are not. We want to give purpose to those who feel worthless, and to plant faith in anyone who is doubting and discouraged.   We pray that each individual who is inspired to find their own strength, will be filled with faith to reach to whatever higher power they believe in for support. Many of us on this website believe that we have a Heavenly Father who sees us as His sons and daughters. We believe He is the tender mercies we see in a moment of light that shines in the darkness. We believe He is the power that gives us a reason to “go on” after a tragedy. For those of us who believe in God, we will refer to Him and His son Jesus Christ as the power of strength—grace—that has carried us through. No matter who you turn to as your source of strength, each of us has found a reason to believe in it. We hope that as you reach up to your own higher power, you will feel—as we have—the strength that can come as we rely on a power much greater than our own. Our mission and purpose in this life experience is just that—to connect with our higher power in everything we do, that our pathway through grief can be as full of grace as our trail through life. That our lives can be full— and our missions complete—when it is our turn to return to live with the one who created us. It is grace that allows it all . . . life and death . . . and the eternal purpose of living . . . even after loss.

  Our Eternal Perspective

A young man shares how God’s plan, the Plan of Salvation, has helped him to see the blessings that can come through the death of his mother and two siblings.  He shares his faith, understanding, and hope that this knowledge brings him.


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  Our Friendship

Four widowed women in different circumstance, living hundreds of miles apart, individually felt compelled to blog and share their stories. Divine intervention brought them together and gave them the idea to combine forces and build a unique website to help others on the path of grief. Veronica and Sandra met online in a Christian widow/widower group Facebook page and in person fall of 2013 at a widows conference. Across the country they continued their friendship. Both of them, independent of each other, felt prompted that they needed to do more with their blogs. As they began to share their vision the idea was born to create a grief website. They knew they needed additional resources and contributors, but were uncertain how to proceed. In Early 2014, Sandra learned of Ashlee’s blog. Intrigued, she poured over it one evening and knew immediately that Ashlee needed to be a part of the project. Even though Sandra was worried that she might seem like a stalker sending a message to someone she had never met before, she decided to be brave and emailed Ashlee.  Surprisingly, Ashlee immediately replied that she was interested. She didn’t question the motives behind the message. She just listened and also “felt impressed” that this was something she should do. In March 2014, Sandra listened as Julie presented at a Christian widow/widower conference in Utah, and felt those same feelings. She knew Julie needed to be a part of the website too! Encouraged by Ashlee’s response, she approached Julie.  Julie was also excited and they shared phone numbers. They talked on the phone as if they were long lost friends and…the rest is history. In July 2014, the four of them met together at a cabin in Midway, Utah. They spent a couple days getting to know each other and discussing the vision they had for the website. Since that time, they have been blessed to find others who are willing to write for them and share their stories. As divine intervention brought us together, we are happy it has guided you to our website! May you find comfort and peace as you ponder the learning, the experiences and stories shared here. Happy reading!

July 2014 Retreat in Midway Utah

Sandra & Veronica enjoying lunch

From left to right: a. Julie knitting durring a planning session b. Ashlee & Veronica at work first thing in the morning c. Veronica & Ashlee chillin’ on the sofa