No One Fights Alone. . .


Bart and I received one of the sweetest gifts a month ago that instantly brought me to tears. We each have a pair of these adorable boxing gloves, I wear mine as a necklace, and Bart kept his on a key chain. In light of the tragic event of the passing of one of my classmates recently, I thought I’d share what these gloves represent….

No One Fights Alone.

Whatever battle you are in, reach out to those who love you, and trust me there are many who do. Whether it be cancer, addiction, depression, or any other trial – You are not alone! If no one hears your cries, be aware that The Lord will hear them. He is the only one who can truly know how you feel. Give up your burdens to Him.

One of my most favorite scriptures is D&C 68:6 – “Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you…”

I am so grateful to a sister who acted upon the prompting to give these treasured tokens to us. I am chalking them up to another Tender Mercy, and are comforted by the fact I wase shown once again – I am NOT alone. I have many who love me here and beyond the veil. I can do this!

I am a young widow and mother of two handsome, rambunctious little boys. Born and raised in Utah, I met my sweetheart 2 weeks after my high school graduation and we were inseparable ever since. Seven short years later, in 2011, we were married for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Shortly after our wedding my husband was diagnosed with a highly aggressive spinal cord cancer and died 3 years later, just 11 days shy of our 4th Anniversary in 2015. Through my faith, and ability to seek out tender mercies from the Lord, I am moving forward during this difficult time in my life.

Bart’s Battle

Me, You, FOREVER, I do…

spouse died of spinal cancer 8/30/2015 

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