Julie Toone



I was born and raised in South Jordan, UT. I am a Mother, Wife, Blogger and Inspirational Speaker.   I married my sweetheart Jake in the summer of 1996.  We had 4 kids together and lived happily until a tragic work accident took Jake’s life.  I was left a young widow to raise 4 young boys on my own.

I found love again a couple years later, and blended my family with Curtis, adding 4 more boys to the family.  We have had 2 kids together and have been married nearly 9 years now.  We have had many ups and downs in our marriage and many new trials added to our lives.

In January of 2014, I shared a blogpost I wrote about my life titled “My name is Julie” with one person on facebook.  The next day my blog went viral.  The blogpost found at www.breakingthesilence-cam.blogspot.com reached over 500,000 people in just a few days.  I currently live in Bluffdale with my husband and children. I love sharing my story of trials, tragedy, and triumphs that I have experienced throughout my life.  

My favorite quote is–You can’t choose your trials in life, but you can choose how you deal with them, you can become BETTER or BITTER.

Breaking the Silence

spouse died in mining accident 2004  

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