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Gardner squad

My husband Tyson and I spent eight childless years struggling silently with challenges of infertility. Our struggle ended with the birth of quadruplet baby girls, two sets of identical twins.

I know what it is like to pray for eight long years — often feeling abandoned, alone and isolated; having my faith tested to the limit, wondering why the heavens were sealed to my righteous pleas of child birth. I learned how to push through moments of doubt and what it meant to strengthen your faith so that you can pull through the darkest hours.

I thought that giving birth to my quads was the answer to my prayers. At the time, little did I realize my eight year struggle had only prepared me for the unseen challenges that laid ahead of me.

I decided to document my journey through the IVF process regardless of whether or not the outcome resulted in being able to conceive a child or not. My decision to share my story with the world was to shine a light on the infertility struggle millions of couples are going through and let others know they are not alone and do not have to feel ashamed, embarrassed, inadequate or silent about their struggle.

I recount my experience of nearly losing my quads in an emergency in utero fetal surgery. I reveal the frightening experience of letting go and reaching out to others for help. And how humbling it feels to receive prayers on her behalf from people I did not know from around the world, of different religious beliefs, different ethnic, cultural, and socio economic backgrounds who all joined together in one united prayer to ask of Heavenly Father for his protection of our four little miracles. 

I learned that with the power of babies there are no borders that can’t be crossed, racial divide evaporates, religious differences are set aside; with love, faith and unity being the powerful motivating forces. 

The Gardner Quad Squad Facebook experience has inspired and united nearly a half a million Facebook fans. Followers span from the Isles of the Pacific, to the African, European and Australian continents, from all walks of life, different religious beliefs all in a loving unified part of the human race.


Gardner Quad Squad–A Miracle Unfolding


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