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I am a young widow and the mother of two handsome, rambunctious little boys. Born and raised in Utah, I met my sweetheart 2 weeks after my high school graduation and we were inseparable ever since. Seven short years later, in 2011, we were married for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Shortly after our wedding my husband was diagnosed with a highly aggressive spinal cord cancer and died 3 years later, just 11 days shy of their 4th Anniversary in 2015.

Counting blessings, and recognizing tender mercies (or signs from God), is what ultimately get me through this difficult time. I keep a daily digital journal of all the many Tender Mercies that my Heavenly Father has given me that day, how they make me feel, and what I think God is trying to tell me. I am working on sharing these journal prompts in a book and am in the final stages of completing that project.

My unwavering testimony has carried me through all of the many trials I have had in my 29 years. Losing my husband at such a young age has taught me the importance of Eternal Families, and I KNOW without a doubt he is still with me and that we will be together again.

I have never been one to quit, or backdown. I face challenges head on and see them through to the end. A motto my husband used to live by, that I have now adopted is, “Aint nothin to it, but to do it.”

spouse died on August 30, 2015, from spinal chord cancer 

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