Mari van Ormer


On the morning of April 1, 2014, my husband went out to start the car. Charles ran his own law firm, and just like any other morning, he was dressed in a suit, ready to head off to the Courthouse. But when he walked back inside, he fell on the living room floor. He flung off his suit jacket, clawed at his white shirt and tie, and he yelled, “I can’t breathe!” I quickly called 911, and he was rushed away to the hospital in an ambulance. I was left at home to wonder what had just happened.  
That was the last time I saw him alive. 
By the time I arrived at the hospital, about 30 minutes later, Charles’ heart had stopped.  The medical staff was frantically trying to bring him back to life, with aggressive CPR. I held my two year old in my arms, shielding his eyes from his daddy, who lay lifeless on the hospital bed. 
When my husband’s heart stopped beating, mine began beating faster. 
I was there at his side when they unhooked the machines, and he took his last 3 breaths. It was determined that he had died from a Pulmonary Embolism — a blood clot in his lungs — causing his heart to stop. 
The man I loved was there one moment, and gone the next. 
He was only 37 years old. I was made a widow at age 34, with 4 beautiful children to take care of on my own. 
I have had to make the choice each day, to continue on with courage. From the moment he took his last breath, I had to decide what to do with the breaths that I have left. It was made clear to me how fragile life is, and that we are all just one breath away from Heaven.  
I choose each day to strive for happiness. For me happiness is the joy I find by living the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the peace that comes from clinging to Jesus; no matter what happens. It takes courage to rise above the grief and sorrow that comes from losing the love of your life. I choose to cling to courage — I cling to Christ — because with Him, all things are possible.  

Cling to Courage

spouse died on April 1, 2014, from an unexpected Pulmonary Embolism. 

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