Random Acts of Kindness: Share Your Light and Get it Back in Return


When you share your light, you get more back than you give in return

I found a new little way to give service today, and it just really brightened my day. I find myself looking for these opportunities all the time now.  These small acts lift my spirits and help me to not only be happy, but to feel JOY again. It was easy and simple and I thought,  

“Wow, I could do this more often!… I need to do this more often!  I have to be more aware and look for these opportunities.  I need to pray to find them.”

Service helps to heal me!

This is so opposite of all of the advice I got when my husband died…

“Take more time for yourself… Take it easy… Go watch a movie, Get a massage, Indulge yourself.”

It was all about ME, ME, ME.


Honestly, those things band-aided the problem for the moment, but did not move me forward.  They brought TEMPORARY pleasure, but not lasting JOY or HAPPINESS.


(I am not advocating that you don’t take time to do positive things for yourself to help the healing process.  Studying and reading books that taught me how to heal,  journaling and pondering were all key components that helped me to process the tragedy of my husband’s death, but reaching out to lift others is what has really helped me to heal.)

Back to my experience today…

I decided I needed to take dinner over to a friend who has been under a lot of stress trying to raise a large family and go to school at the same time. Knowing the size of their family, I determined that a few Papa Murphy’s pizzas should do the trick. It was still early in the morning, about 10:30, when I arrived at the store. The door was locked. Frustrated, I looked for the store hours to see when it opened. 

“Gosh, darn it! Not until 11:00”… Sigh…

“I guess I have to come back later this afternoon.”

As I was standing there contemplating, an employee from the back hurried up to the front and unlocked the door. I said, 

“Oh,  I’m sorry. I know,  you don’t open until 11:00.” 

I completely expected her to tell me to come back later.  Instead, she replied, 

“That’s okay. Come in. We’re here anyway.”  

I was so surprised! Normally employees wait until the last minute to open the doors not wanting to have to do anymore work than they are officially contracted to do. Both girls in the store cheerfully made my pizzas. I told them about the family I was helping. She handed me my order with a cheerful smile, I went to walk out the door, and then a thought popped into my mind,

 “You should thank her.” 

So I told her how much I appreciated that they had gone the extra mile to help me that morning and how unusual I thought it was. I told her what great employees I thought they were.  Again I went to leave, but a second thought entered my mind, 

“You should write a note to their manager to let him know what great employees he has.” 

I remembered how much my husband appreciated good employees and how good he was about thanking them everyday.  I asked for some paper, and on the back of an order form, I  jotted down a quick note.  As I left I felt so good about the interaction. Good because they had served me, and because I had done something kind in return.

As I drove home, I thought how easy it would be to NOTICE when people do extra kind things for me, to verbally THANK them, and then to write a note to their supervisor if possible. I thought, 

Sure, it might take a little extra time, but I bet those girls will have an awesome day when they give their manager the note.”

That’s worth a little extra time… 

 Isn’t it?

A little LIGHT… 

All it takes is ONE little light shining in the darkness.

As we share that light, others began to let their light shine. 

How much light can you spread  today? 

Here’s my favorite ‘get up and dance’ song about spreading a little light and pushing back the dark.


Try to spread a little light today and then come back and post. 
I would love to hear all the great ideas that are out there.