Lynette Mattix Wilson


I am an Arizona native. I met my husband, Tod, in high school and we married seven years later. We were married for 16 years and have five children, one daughter and four sons.  Tod served on active duty for the Army for 15 of those 16 years. While in Germany, our 3-year-old twins were diagnosed with autism. Upon returning to Arizona, the younger two sons were subsequently diagnosed on the autism spectrum. In addition, when the twins were 7-years-old, they both developed a seizure disorder.

Tod passed away in August, 2010, as a result of a car accident when he was home on leave from his duty assignment in Texas. I am passionate about my advocacy efforts for my sons and others who face the challenges of the autism spectrum. In my free time, I love to sew and quilt, swim, and spend time in nature. The quote to live by is,”Sometimes God calms the storm, and sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child”
spouse died in a car accident 8/2010, mother of 4 autistic sons


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