There is an unseen war going on here

There is an unseen war going on here between good and evil,
 and our souls are the casualties.  

More and more I feel that life here on earth is an illusion…

It is a distraction to the real purpose.  Everyday we go through the motions of life thinking that the money we make, the chores we accomplish, the entertainment we watch is what it is all about. 

How fooled we are. 

Life is about the choices we make, the personal character growth we experience and the people we help. 

Everyday there are voices in our heads. 
Some tell us to focus on the material things of this world.  
They tell us to stay distracted and to stay selfish. 
Other voices tell us to feel compassion for others, 
to be a better person and to love people a little better. 

Before my husband died, I never thought about angels walking by my side through out the day.  I didn’t think about evil spirits doing it as well. I think that is one of the Devil’s tactics- to keep us in the dark about the real battle going on.  He knows that if we are aware of it that our defenses will go up and that his forces will be less powerful.  He knows that if we know what is going on that we will begin to bring out the big guns. 

So What are our weapons?

A powerful one is prayer.

From the scriptures we know…

“…pray one foranother, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”     -James 5:16

When the righteous pray, we have the ability to call down the powers of heaven.  God listens and he allocates his forces according to our prayers. He sends additional forces to support the people we pray for.  Our prayers do not change their agency, but they make the voice for good stronger.  They help our loved ones choose better by supporting them with more unseen help.

My husband is one of those forces that God deploys. He is fighting desperately and fiercely for our family.  I can feel that everyday and my children do as well.

We all have family on the other side. Some may not be as close to us as I was to my husband but they know us nevertheless. They are solicitous for our welfare.

I have been pondering a lot on the power of prayer recently.  I have always prayed for people, but I wondered how my prayers could actually help them. I believe that when we are righteous and pray God answers our prayers by sending extra angelic support to the people we pray for.  When I realized that I had the ability to influence the allocation of those ministering angels it made me very excited to pray for people.

Sometimes there is nothing else you can do to help someone, but if I can send an extra ministering angel their way to help them feel comfort and to help them be strong, then what a great power prayer is. 

There is power in doing what’s right…

not just for yourself, but to increase your power to influence others.

We need more of us aware of the battle going on. We need more of us putting our defenses up and not just that, we need to be offensive in our fight against those evil spirits.

“Satan has absolutely no power to force a determined righteous individual because the Lord protects that person from him.” – Richard G Scott

When we understand who we are, a child of God, His literal offspring! When we understand who we can become, those voices have no power over us.

The power to choose resides in us.

Satan and his minions try all different tactics to get us…

  • They may try to talk us into sinning against God’s laws
  • They may tell us that we should do what ever makes us happy and gives us pleasure in the moment.
  • They may tell us that consequences do not exist, or that we will be exempt from them.

If they cannot get us with those ideas then they switch to a different tactic…

  • They focus on our weaknesses.For some of us it may be self-esteem or depression or pride or anger.
  • They made talk us into wallowing in our grief, or getting so caught up in body image that we are to paralyzed to act.
  • They may tell us we cannot change.
  • They tell us we are not strong enough.

We may not be strong enough alone, but remember we are not alone.

God is there,

Jesus Christ is there,

 and all of his angels are there to support and help and lift us up.

There have been times in my life recently when I have felt the burden was too much for me to bear. Satan’s minions had me trapped in deep despair. But when I cried out to the Lord and asked for a hand to lift me up, I felt those angelic arms carrying me along the way.


When I look back I know that I did not do it myself.

The prayers of my loved ones, my family and friends, sent those angels my way. My prayers put them into action.

Never forget the true reality of this life…

 There is a war going on here for your soul.




  1. wrote on April 8th, 2014 at 2:58 am

    Christine Hill

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. My 16 year old son died last year on his way to church. I can relate to a lot you have said. I have decided to have faith. When I start feeling like I am sinking into a dark abyss, I remind myself I have already chosen to have faith in Heavenly Father’s plan for me. I find comfort in writing, and I hope others will be strengthened through my experiences.