Karen Millsap


Karen Milsap

I became a widow at 29 when my husband was murdered while leading his CrossFit class one evening. I encountered so many secondary losses and life literally came crashing down; this left me in a numb state, I was operating on auto pilot. 

After a year, I was suddenly terminated and left to figure out how to rebuild my life after being stripped of everything. I continued to turn everything over to God because at that point I was convinced that life is out of my control. We never know what’s going to happen, so it’s important to make the best of now. I realized the pain in going back to work in addition to the lack of support in corporate America when grieving. So I decided to take my pain, turn it into purpose and pay it forward. 

I launched my company, Widows at Work, to help men and women transition back to the workplace after the loss of their spouse.  Individual and group mentoring helps guide new widows through the various levels of emotion in order to regain their confidence and focus and in turn maintain productivity.  The corporate partnership program provides coaching to the direct supervisor on how to manage their employee in this new and fragile state. 

We all have a choice when we lose our spouse – we can either give up, or we can get up! I hope to be an inspiration to any widow who just needs a little (or a lot of) help getting up. We never stop grieving, that’s the price you pay for love. But grief does change shape as time goes on and being connected is the best way to learn how to manage it while rebuilding your life. 


husband was murdered 8/2013  

Karen’s Story: Anchored in Love

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