How Much Trouble Can 4 Kids Get into with a Gator, Ski Rope and Sled on a Snow Day?

Written Friday, December 6, 2013. My kids are just one year out from loosing their dad.



The IDEA (Video link BELOW)

Today we had a big snow storm.  In southern Missouri that is a rare things.  My kids were all off school and wanted to spend the day out frolicking in the snow. After lunch they begged to get the gator out with the ski rope and their sled.  I relented despite my fears of broken bones.  I watched them play from the window on my upstairs bathroom.  

This is the tame version I saw from my window.  Check out the video below.

For many people today, the snow was an obstacle in getting to work or another thing to take care of after a busy day.  For my kids it was a playground.  Youth so easily bounce back from difficulties.  They are good at taking lemons and making lemonade.  Somehow as we age we loose the propensity for fun and looking at things positively.  Life becomes overly serious.  Not that there aren’t times to be serious, but often a little levity and a positive attitude can help us get through the darkest day. 

I was cleaning my bathrooms while the kids were freezing their tushes, and I came across my favorite saying on the counter.  “Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass… It’s about learning to Dance in the Rain” (or today about playing in the snow). I reflected on that a bit and thought how I need to try to make that more my attitude on difficult days.  There is a song that I like to listen that also talks about rain and storms…

Sometimes He lets it rain, He lets the fierce wind blow. Sometimes it takes a storm to lead a heart where it can grow. He can move mountains of grief and oceans of pain, but sometimes he lets it rain. 

There is just no way of avoiding it, life is just going to be full of rainstorms.  If we know their purpose then we can embrace them. We can approach them with cheerfulness because we know that they will change us for the better.  Instead of mopeing and hiding out during the storms, we can get out there and dance.  We can be a shining example to others of how to endure and face our trials well, and in that process we will be able to find joy in the journey.  That’s what I remembered watching my children today.  Now, it’s getting dark and they are sure to be cold.  I think I had better go put some hot chocolate on the stove.  Bathrooms will have to wait until later. 


THE END RESULT (Video link: You have to watch this!)

P.S.  Some of you may wonder why Mom wasn’t out there enjoying the fun.  I recently hurt my SI joint and am on restricted activity.  Watch the video and you will understand.  My 17 year old is still complaining that his back hurts!  Crazy, crazy boys!

Questions to Ponder:

What can you choose to do today to dance in the rain?

How can you look at your personal rainstorm differently?