Healing = Courage + Action + Grace (PART 4/5)


The scriptures teach us, “Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”  Knocking is acting.  So often we find ourselves trudging through life looking at our feet or simply sitting in the mud.  We think that we are all alone and forsaken.  We may cry out to God in anguish.  We think He isn’t there.  When in reality He has been patiently standing there waiting for us to just look up.  Looking up is acting.  It is showing that we do more than just believe, but that we are willing to try to move forward on our own.  When He sees us take that first step that is when He steps in and helps us keep taking more.  Acting also helps us regain control.  When we need to heal, we normally feel we have lost control.


We are beings intended to act instead of being acted upon. When I choose to be inactive or place myself in a state of being acted upon, I give Satan greater power in my life. Hopelessness and despair take over.


Q: How is action related to healing?


A: Action is the point where belief turns into faith.


When we act in FAITH,  moving along on a GOOD path, we OPEN the door to GRACE.




Q: What are the major Roadblocks to acting in faith?


A: PROCRASTINATION and FEAR keep us in the acted upon position and prevent us from acting.


“If Satan can convince us that our fear is too great to act or that to act is a great idea, but to do it later, then he can prevent us from opening the door to GRACE. The longer we remain in an inactive state the farther we drift from the Lord and His spirit.”


“The more often a person FEELS without ACTING the less he will be able ever to ACT, and in the long run the less he will be able to FEEL” – C.S. Lewis


Q:How do we overcome the tendency to procrastinate or shut down in fear?


A: Prayer is the simplest form of action.  When you pray, you act in faith and open the door to blessings that God is already willing to grant, but that are made conditional upon our asking.


In your prayers be sure to speak openly, sincerely and directly to Him.  Vague and passive prayers will not bring about the spiritual support we need.  We need to offer MIGHTY prayer!
Pray for courage to act.
 Those prayers will be heard and help will come. We call that help, GRACE



“Mother Theresa doubted.  Her spirit wavered.  Some days she questioned herself.  Some days she questioned God. This is the biggest encouragement of all. Even Mother Theresa had doubts.  Her doubt gives me hope, not that my own doubt will go away, but that feelings of doubt are not as powerful as a faithful decision to act.” – Marcus Goodyear


I may doubt, but I still pray, I still worship, I still go to church.


Doubt is a feeling, but faith chooses to act no matter our feelings.

I ask myself, “Am I in the right place, doing the right thing, willing to act as God prompts so that I can do the work He is giving me?”

We need to be able to see ourselves as an AGENT

and CLAIM our ability to CHOOSE

This principle is empowering.  Our will can be stronger than our feelings.  We can take control of our lives and choose to be active.  In so doing this we will learn from our own experience that God is there, He is real, He loves us immensely, and He will do anything to help us get closer to Him and get through the struggles inherit in life here on earth.

Questions to Ponder:

1. In what specific way in my life can I take control of my fear or avoid procrastination by acting?

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