Do It Out of Love

I spent the morning visiting a few older widows that I know and the women that I am assigned to see monthly for Visiting Teaching for my church.  They were great visits where we talked about the trials that we are going through and how the gospel of Jesus Christ helps us make it through them.  Every single one of those women have deep, long-lasting difficulties in their lives right now.  As we sat and cried together I felt like I understood a little bit about heaven and what it will be like to be there together  after all of this is said and done.  I imagine we will hug each other and say, “We made it and you helped me get here!” This was a TENDER MERCY for me today.

There is great joy in being able to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort.  Doing the Savior’s work is joyful!  Despite the immense pain of this journey, the empathy and understanding for others that it has given me is the cause of so much joy.  I have had people say to me, “I do not see how God could need Scott more there when you were all doing so much good here.”  It’s true that Scott as a physician helped a lot of people. As a person he set a great example and did a lot of good here. The rest of us were also doing good, but now we are doing so, so much more.  I have to think the same is true for Scott.  It’s not about God needing Scott.  It is about us, and I include Scott in that group, needing this experience for the growth that will help us become like our Savior.  Good on this earth is nothing compared to the good that can happen inside of us.  Mortal good is nothing compared to eternal good.

If you are feeling low today then reach out and try to help lift someone else.  Be a voice for good, try to be more empathetic, just get outside yourself and think more about someone else.  It may be your daughter or son, it may be a spouse or a parent or a sibling, or it may be a neighbor, acquaintance or just a complete stranger.  If we will listen to the voice that exists in all of us, we will know who we can help, who we have the power to touch.  Then be real and genuine with them.  As we sat in those homes, no one was checking their watches, we were simply, deeply concerned for one another. Do it out of LOVE.

Questions to Ponder:

1. Who could you reach out to that might need a friend?