Good Things to Come

Good Things to Come

August 14, 2013

Sometimes we keep walking the same road over and over again and we find ourselves wondering… 

When will this ever end? 

How many times must I go through this?

In those moments when faith wavers we have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and turn to The Lord. The quicker we can turn to Him and away from our frustrations and sorrow and self pity, the quicker the help will come. I have found that over and over again.  

The help always comes when we choose the light over the darkness

Not help, as in the trial is taken away.. because some trials simply can not be taken away, but help to bear the trial.  

I have felt the arms of unseen angels holding me up, helping me push my handcart up insurmountable hills. Those burdens can be made light, but only if we are willing to turn to the Savior and willing to devote all our strength to Him.  He cannot carry us if we give up, but he can aid us to keep taking those steps. I bear witness of that.  

Look to the light,

                 choose hope,

 and keep pressing forward 

because in the strength of The Lord you can accomplish all things

I watched this clip a couple of months ago, but it’s been good to remind myself again.