Blessings Just Realized from an Answer to Prayers Two Years Before the Accident

Blessings Just Realized from an Answer to Prayers Two Years Before The Accident

How grateful I am that I felt inspired two years ago to start taking my two oldest boys out for lunch once a week. It meant an extra hour of driving for me and having to pull them out of school. I often had to miss things or rearrange my schedule to make it work. We ate at restaurants that weren’t always my favorites, but we developed a friendship that is really helping us get through this crisis. Love my boys! It was so worth it. Take the time to build lasting relationships with your kids. Drop the unimportant stuff and just do it. You won’t regret a minute of it. – Dec 13, 2012

I recently wrote an article about how I got the inspiration to do this with my son.  Prayer is a powerful parenting tool.  I have also learned that God blesses your life over and over if you will just turn to Him for answers instead of trying to do it all on your own.

The power of Prayer in Parenting a Teen

Here is an excerpt… (to read more go to the link above)

“Sometimes when you’re parenting a teen, you have to dig deep for ideas… And I have found prayers to be the most powerful tool.  My oldest son was a sophomore in high school when our relationship began to suffer. He had the ability to drive, and with his busy school and extra curricular schedule, we rarely saw each other. I felt he was not pulling his weight at home. He felt overly controlled and tension developed. After a semester of this, I began to worry as I saw our communication degrade.I didn’t know what to do…”


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    I LOVE this! I’ve just come across your blog and I’m grateful for a loving Heavely Father who prepared a way for you to get through your deepest trial in this way. Thank you for sharing your faith and testimony.