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A Resource for Coping with Grief & Loss, Healing & Moving Forward

Alone we may feel weak, but together we can support and lift each other. We invite you to join us on this journey of hope, healing and becoming.

  Talking about Grief and Loss Video Series

How do you regain Hope & Faith after loss?

Follow us through our latest video series.  We will be highlighting each of the pages in order as they appear in our Grief Program. This is the first of a two part discussion. Today we will be discussing why hope and faith are so critical to healing.  We discuss how to find Hope again and how faith and hope connect to each other. We invite you to learn more about this topic by visiting the Faith & Hope page and the Faith & Hope Badge. Read the posts, ponder the questions, try out a challenge in the badge section and then comment back to us.

Recent Posts

  1. Overcomer


    It was October 2009. Life was good—no it was amazing! And then…everything in our life started...

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  How Do I Go On?

Fight with service and gratitude!

  On November 28, 2011, we received a phone call that forever changed our lives. My husband, Paul, was told the horrific news that he had stomach cancer. I will never forget that moment of...

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  Grief and Loss are Universal

To our Readers

This website is dedicated to everyone who ever has, or who ever will experience grief and loss. Loss is not just in death—it is also in life. We may lose at love; we may lose our jobs. During each loss we experience, we will go through stages of grief. Each situation, and each person, will see grief differently than the next. Our hope is that this website will be a resource to help others navigate through their own struggles and find the strength that is within them during every stage of grief. Each of us will have our own journey—but we have found that there is strength in numbers. You are not alone. We hope this website will help us all remember we do not have to go through life without help.  Finding answers can be overwhelming and lonely, so we hope—if nothing else—others will find these stories and personal journeys to inspire them on their own path. We hope to be a grief support group to you in your struggles.

  Featured Content

  1. Letting Go of Regret and Guilt through Forgiveness

    Over the past 3 years I lost 6 family members, starting with my wife of 8 months, then dad, grandpa, an uncle, grandma, and another grandma. It’s been extremely difficult having so many deaths in such a short time, but I have noticed a pattern. The initial feelings that have...
  2. What Not to Do When Someone is Grieving

    Experience is the greatest teacher.  Over time experience has taught me many things.  Some of them cause me to reflect back and understand how hurtful something I have done or didn’t do was to someone else. When we were expecting our first baby, a neighbor couple experienced a difficult pregnancy...
  3. Taking Control of Your Grieving

        “Grieving is the process we go through that helps us let go of old hopes and dreams that we can no longer have and helps us establish new hopes and dreams that are more attainable.  It is an unlearned process and is a feeling process not a thinking...


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We share out stories and what has worked for us, walking you through the steps of grief, healing and moving forward. We invite you to join our community for support, educational resources, and a place to make a difference. Find out more

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The Process of Grief

I thought I could describe a state; make a map of sorrow. Sorrow, however, turns out to be not a state but a process.
C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed